Why tirado/thrown?
February 12, 2008, 2:06 pm
Filed under: About, editorial meta-blogging

Beginning is very awkward.  Seeing the light of day hurts and makes you squint and rub your eyes all funny-like.

So why this blog?  Why am I posting after having this page up for a number of months without writing anything?

Being home sick from work with a sore throat helps.  You don’t want to speak, although you want to write or say something.  And there’s much to post about.

What will you find here? Like any other blog: tidbits, nuggets, fragments, observations, opinions, and attempts to interpret whatever comes across the desk. Usually it’ll involve philosophy, culture, psychology, pyschoanalysis, language, questions of identity, art, music of the rock and other varieties, some literature, work, and the occasional personal post. The last, sadly, seems to be an inseparable part of persnally-run blogs. I’ll save the manifesto-toting, name-dropping, and interest-checking for later.

tirado/thrown is a second attempt.  In 2003, I started a blog called margin(al) notes.  It lasted all of seven or eight posts, and it no longer has a home on the web.  I scrapped it when life kicked in and I was at a loss for time and ideas.  Maybe I’ll post those as part of a return to the archive.

But, to answer the question, why tirado/thrown?  It’s basically how we find ourselves, placed in a situation that we either ask for or not, and are set with the task with negotiating these situations and sharing them with others.  But it’s a question that I hope to answer in the course of this blog.

On comments: Leave some if you’d like, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll reply to all of them, though I welcome your thoughts and input.


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