Brief Election Day Roundup: Obama es Nuestro Carnal


This post was originally going to be some sort of late-summer/early fall roundup of things worth re-blogging. But a handful of great things popped into my reader that just made me want to post these. In the spirit of brevity, here’s an abbreviated pre-election roundup of items of incidental bearing to today’s events. By Wednesday morning, perhaps we can finally look forward to conducting the people’s business come January 20, 2009.

  • As a way to pay the bills and float his literary production, Franz Kafka spent his professional life as an attorney for the Workingman’s Insurance Institutue in the Czech Lands of the Austrio-Hungrian Empire. Through his work, he managed to write some of the most ominous, compelling, and prophetic literature of late modernity. A number of Kafka’s professional writings are now available in translation through Princeton University Press in a book entilted, Franz Kafka: The Office Writings. Oh, and I think I just found a new favorite blog. [ Zolius/Princeton University Press]
  • Supervalent Thought wades into the problematics associated with sexualities, the instiution of marriage, and the most recent repressive incursion into sex, Proposition 8. What follows is a journey into spacing, intimacy, vulnerability, and of course, surprise (which is to say, contingency). To my friends in California: Please vote no on 8! [Supervalent Thought]
  • Speaking of elections, this particular presidential campaign season was long, exhorbitantly expensive, and at some point, just tiring. But here’s a great review of the campaign, just to make sure you hang on to some of its more memorable parts. [This. Fucking. Election.]
  • So, for all you Boston folks out there, you probably know this by now: Cambridge’s B-Side shuddered its doors for good. Which is a horrible thing if you like good food and even better drinks. **Sigh** [Big, Red, & Shiny]
  • Speaking of shudderings, though this one temporary: One of our favorite blogs, Daniel Hernandez’s Intersections, is going on hiatus until next year. We here at tirado/thrown suppose that we’ll have to live with occasionally scouring the site’s rich archives while eagerly awaiting more dispatches from the first capital of the new world. At the very least, readers new and old will have some time to get caught up on two years of outstanding pocho musings from the ancient navel that is the primitive font of pochismo. [Intersections]

So for readers in the U.S., those eligible to vote are encouraged by tirado/thrown to get make your way to the polling booths toot sweet and pull the lever/fill in the scantron/punch the chad/touch the calibrated (we hope) touchscreen.  The last eight years have been miserable enough.  Let’s get to work on improving the situation for all of us.

Image credit: First seen at Guanabee; from an image at planetjan.


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