Bidding the Summer Farewell: Revisiting Some of Its Finer Reads

Link dumps occupy an odd place in the blogging universe, and are to be treated alternately with curiosity, suspicion, and a modicum of heightened alertness.   For one, they are points of reference that fully haven’t been taken in by the poster of said links.  Had the person posting the link truly made the works they reference his/her own, then the poster could just as well dispense with the reference altogether and have the reference return as some artifact or remnant within another work the poster provides (preferably with a link if it’s online).

As with practically everything that is done here at tirado/thrown, the bullet points that follow are not meatballs, but barbecue: charred, gristly, messy, and nearly-indigestible.  However, as a way to look back at the summer that will have just passed on September 22, here are some links to short pieces to that helped make it worthwhile:

  • Boston’s master of experience, James Parker, dwells in the marrow of the MBTA’s scorned jewel, the Orange Line.  Incidentally, the line passes through our beloved Jamaica Plain, where tirado/thrown calls home. [Boston Globe]
  • Though tangled in the throes of a post-racial America (whatever that means), the term “Racism” has some words to offer the kind folks at We Are Respectable Negroes on its use and abuse.  [W.A.R.N]
  • Theory spares us from disasters:  A brilliant interview with Sylvere Lotringer, co-founder of that most abrasive and alluring of publishers, semiotext(e)  .  He speaks with Nina Power on art, the academy, thought, and theory’s ongoing relevance.  [frieze]
  • Our favorite blogs are the ones we are entirely jealous of when we come across them, leaving us wishing that this blog were only as good.  Planomenology is in fact one of those blogs that belong in the class ‘aspirational peers’. The posts can be lenghty at parts, but there’s some visceral and fascinating stuff going on there- not to be missed.  [Planomenology]
  • Another philosophy blog worth paying attention to:  The Inhumanities launches with a discussion of Matthew Callarco’s book, Zoographies, which is sitting on the shelf waiting to be read.  We wish we were better readers, as much as we value our idleness.  However, work towards an articulation of being that includes the world of animals and tilts its spears towards unseating anthropocentrism as a philosophical paradigm is an admirable and necessary task. [Inhumanities]
  • Having just mentioned in passing an outstanding blog with vegan links, we continue with a nod to our ethical impotence.   The New York Times discusses the Sonorense, the Chicano/Mexican contribution to the American hot dog landscape. How could something so wrong just be so good?  For our money, though, Daniel Hernandez’s LA Weekly piece on danger dogs from early 2008 remains the best treatment on the bacon-wrapped hot dog thus far. [NYT]
  • Over at Buddyhead (when was the last we read that???), Chris Checkman offers readers a passionate, bile-laced appraisal of James Carr, whose rendition of “Dark End of the Street” lets us know the Flying Burrito Brothers could conjure up the soul, but not like Carr.  Checkman (aka Papa John, the former host of KXLUs infamous Blues Hotel) should be read with Carr’s music playing loud.  Conveniently, the article has samples of Carr’s output to allow readers just that pleasure. [Buddyhead]
  • Our closer: What if Fantasy Island were actually set on Beirut’s Riviera instead of some tropical island?  We think that visitors would have been welcomed with the sounds in video Filastine Frequencies posted at his blog. There he invites us to imagine a Middle East not besmirched by crackpots, fanatics, and imperialists alike, and witness hybridity at its finest.  The video for the Bendaly Family’s “Do You Love Me?” also leads this post.  [Filastine Frequencies, with a big nod to WayneandWax]

Summer’s Ashen Cast Over Boston
July 1, 2009, 11:56 pm
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All anyone seems to be discussing here in Boston is how lousy the weather has been: overcast, wet, and gloomy. It’s the first thing that comes up in any conversation, whether it be at work, in casual chit-chat, or with loved ones. Nearly everybody agrees that the weather sucks.

Blakets of thick grey clouds have presided over skies during the month of June, already assuring us that at least a third of Boston’s brief, transitory summer will be without sun. For a city that lives and dies by the seasons, even the most hardened Bostonian is cursing the skies for the meteorological misfortune and pleading for more than just a short break to let the sun in.

The consistently lousy weather is cramping styles around here. Beach trips are being put off and otherwise vibrant neighborhoods are suffering because, really, who wants to frolic against a pallid background? Even local business are making the attempt to entice the area’s notoriously finicky shoppers to come out and buy, lowering their prices in an attempt to make it worth the effort. Yet, establishments who do most of their business indoors (and probably don’t rely on foot traffic) seem to find themselves with unseasonably good business. Something’s just not right.


The recently purchased bike (see photo above, far right) sits at the base of the stairwell, waiting to be used; but it’s not worth sullying the new wheels in the foul weather. As much as the machine is meant for commuting, I want to take a few joyrides first. At some point, the bici will get its time in the water, but not now. So as I walk, thunder rumbles overhead, constantly on the verge of freaking me out with the threat of a bolt slapping the ground nearby with a deafening crack. Recent developments only confirm that my fears are not unfounded.


With such a wet summer, it seems that Tlaloc has been vacationing in New England, with little intention of taking off anytime soon. All we can think of in light of all the rain is how Mexico City could sure use some of the water that’s getting dumped on Boston. It’s not fair for anyone, really.

Ya con la pinche lluvia!!!!