Bidding the Summer Farewell: Revisiting Some of Its Finer Reads

Link dumps occupy an odd place in the blogging universe, and are to be treated alternately with curiosity, suspicion, and a modicum of heightened alertness.   For one, they are points of reference that fully haven’t been taken in by the poster of said links.  Had the person posting the link truly made the works they reference his/her own, then the poster could just as well dispense with the reference altogether and have the reference return as some artifact or remnant within another work the poster provides (preferably with a link if it’s online).

As with practically everything that is done here at tirado/thrown, the bullet points that follow are not meatballs, but barbecue: charred, gristly, messy, and nearly-indigestible.  However, as a way to look back at the summer that will have just passed on September 22, here are some links to short pieces to that helped make it worthwhile:

  • Boston’s master of experience, James Parker, dwells in the marrow of the MBTA’s scorned jewel, the Orange Line.  Incidentally, the line passes through our beloved Jamaica Plain, where tirado/thrown calls home. [Boston Globe]
  • Though tangled in the throes of a post-racial America (whatever that means), the term “Racism” has some words to offer the kind folks at We Are Respectable Negroes on its use and abuse.  [W.A.R.N]
  • Theory spares us from disasters:  A brilliant interview with Sylvere Lotringer, co-founder of that most abrasive and alluring of publishers, semiotext(e)  .  He speaks with Nina Power on art, the academy, thought, and theory’s ongoing relevance.  [frieze]
  • Our favorite blogs are the ones we are entirely jealous of when we come across them, leaving us wishing that this blog were only as good.  Planomenology is in fact one of those blogs that belong in the class ‘aspirational peers’. The posts can be lenghty at parts, but there’s some visceral and fascinating stuff going on there- not to be missed.  [Planomenology]
  • Another philosophy blog worth paying attention to:  The Inhumanities launches with a discussion of Matthew Callarco’s book, Zoographies, which is sitting on the shelf waiting to be read.  We wish we were better readers, as much as we value our idleness.  However, work towards an articulation of being that includes the world of animals and tilts its spears towards unseating anthropocentrism as a philosophical paradigm is an admirable and necessary task. [Inhumanities]
  • Having just mentioned in passing an outstanding blog with vegan links, we continue with a nod to our ethical impotence.   The New York Times discusses the Sonorense, the Chicano/Mexican contribution to the American hot dog landscape. How could something so wrong just be so good?  For our money, though, Daniel Hernandez’s LA Weekly piece on danger dogs from early 2008 remains the best treatment on the bacon-wrapped hot dog thus far. [NYT]
  • Over at Buddyhead (when was the last we read that???), Chris Checkman offers readers a passionate, bile-laced appraisal of James Carr, whose rendition of “Dark End of the Street” lets us know the Flying Burrito Brothers could conjure up the soul, but not like Carr.  Checkman (aka Papa John, the former host of KXLUs infamous Blues Hotel) should be read with Carr’s music playing loud.  Conveniently, the article has samples of Carr’s output to allow readers just that pleasure. [Buddyhead]
  • Our closer: What if Fantasy Island were actually set on Beirut’s Riviera instead of some tropical island?  We think that visitors would have been welcomed with the sounds in video Filastine Frequencies posted at his blog. There he invites us to imagine a Middle East not besmirched by crackpots, fanatics, and imperialists alike, and witness hybridity at its finest.  The video for the Bendaly Family’s “Do You Love Me?” also leads this post.  [Filastine Frequencies, with a big nod to WayneandWax]

Snow Day
March 2, 2009, 3:03 pm
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Greenough Street Snowfall

Today’s a much-needed (and appreciated) snow day, thanks to the winter storm that left a foot of snow in the Boston area over the late night and morning.  Trudging along in windy squalls, avoiding foot-high snow banks, and hitting the trains and buses for an hour and change on five hours of sleep just seemed cruel and unpleasant.  

The snowblowers, plough trucks, and shovels are hard at work outside as this entry is being written.

Posting has been a little slow, and will likely be so for a couple of months.  Your dedicated tirado/thrown staff of one is working on some academic research and writing in preparation for a grad school admissions bid.  Fret not, however.  Some posts are in the works.

Image: From the last snowstorm that hit Boston, February 18, 2009.  Greenough Street, Jamiaca Plain, MA. Taken by tirado/thrown.

This blog’s moving slowly, but it’s not dead.
February 27, 2008, 11:48 pm
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It’s been a couple of weeks since the last post, and by no means is the well running dry.  That would be pretty awful.

At any rate, fresh content is incubating, which is to say, some posts are in the works.  Some Ranciere here, some Roxy Music there, some Agamben peppered elsewhere, some speculative bits elsewhere about latinos, literature, and music, and perhaps some blog commentary thrown in for good measure.   Some more to come in a week or so as work, school, and life become a little more manageable.  Stay tuned.

Why tirado/thrown?
February 12, 2008, 2:06 pm
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Beginning is very awkward.  Seeing the light of day hurts and makes you squint and rub your eyes all funny-like.

So why this blog?  Why am I posting after having this page up for a number of months without writing anything?

Being home sick from work with a sore throat helps.  You don’t want to speak, although you want to write or say something.  And there’s much to post about.

What will you find here? Like any other blog: tidbits, nuggets, fragments, observations, opinions, and attempts to interpret whatever comes across the desk. Usually it’ll involve philosophy, culture, psychology, pyschoanalysis, language, questions of identity, art, music of the rock and other varieties, some literature, work, and the occasional personal post. The last, sadly, seems to be an inseparable part of persnally-run blogs. I’ll save the manifesto-toting, name-dropping, and interest-checking for later.

tirado/thrown is a second attempt.  In 2003, I started a blog called margin(al) notes.  It lasted all of seven or eight posts, and it no longer has a home on the web.  I scrapped it when life kicked in and I was at a loss for time and ideas.  Maybe I’ll post those as part of a return to the archive.

But, to answer the question, why tirado/thrown?  It’s basically how we find ourselves, placed in a situation that we either ask for or not, and are set with the task with negotiating these situations and sharing them with others.  But it’s a question that I hope to answer in the course of this blog.

On comments: Leave some if you’d like, but I can’t guarantee that I’ll reply to all of them, though I welcome your thoughts and input.